About Guilds

Welcome to the model of open-source innovation for the Open Web and the NEAR Ecosystem. Guilds represent the future of community driven innovation, contributions, and project development on NEAR. A place where talent can find a home with global teams of crypto entrepreneurs, and where new community members can find a place to learn about the in’s and out’s of crypto in a friendly and inclusive environment.


Looking to Ease Your Way To Get Started? Begin With the Sandbox!

The NEAR Sandbox is the best place for contributors, prospective Guild Leaders, and Guild members looking for a Guild. As a hub for Ecosystem wide projects, rolling opportunities, and networks of NEAR Explorers, the best way to get equipped for contributing, building, or launching your own Guild on NEAR starts in the Sandbox!

Launching a Guild:

Launching a Guild is a process. It requires a Guild leader to put together a team of Guild Members interested in contributing to the NEAR Ecosystem in a sustainable and consistent manner. The underlying motto for all Guilds in the NEAR Ecosystem, is that production speaks for itself. That is to say, the strength, future growth, and opportunities for your Guild is largely based upon delivering results in a consistent manner with the skills your Guild possesses, and within the networks that you create.

It’s only the beginning of the Guilded Age - So get started now to start building a better web and a decentralized future.

NEAR Guilds

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img Location
img Leader
img Size
Hive Guild
Dave and Tuck
Cypherpunk Guild
Arto Bendiken
NEAR Protocol RU
1100+ Members