The Corpsemen Have Formed: A Climate Future We Can Believe In


If you have been in the crypto sphere for some time, you are familiar with how important a community is for the success of a crypto project. You could go even so far as to say that the value of a token is the community. You see this with Dogecoin or Cardano – for better or worse – where a fanatic community will drive the value of a token. Or with Hicetnunc, which became one of the top NFT platforms today thanks to the strong community of artists and collectors participating, despite being on a relatively small chain.

The two main features of Web3 – openness and decentralization – make it so that no central entity dictates its course. A blockchain network is not a company but a network of developers, users, artists, and businesses… Furthermore, by holding the token of the ecosystem to which we belong, we not only “use” or “like” the system, but own it. No crypto project thus far has yet to succeed without a strong community rallying behind it. 

The Corpsmen are a group of people who understand this aspect of crypto very well. And because we do, we have come together to serve the community of the project we believe in. 

And which project is that, you ask? 

The Open Forest Protocol (OFP). 

Introducing the Open Forest Protocol (OFP)

Open Forest Protocol (OFP) brings together the two topics defining the future of our world: climate change and blockchain. Think of OFP as the next-generation oracle network for reforestation, afforestation, and forest conservation data. The core idea of OFP is to secure the transparency of forest project data first by uploading it on the blockchain; second, through a collective group of stakeholders verifying the data; and third, giving the opportunity to forest projects to access carbon financing. By bringing off-chain forest data on-chain, OFP has the potential to facilitate truly data-backed carbon financing. By building on top of NEAR, OFP is able to utilize NEAR’s fast finality, cheap costs, infinite scalability, and Web 2-like user experience, for this purpose.

OFP provides the infrastructure and incentive mechanism to make today’s underdeveloped carbon financing more transparent, credible, standardized, and overall, efficient. The success of OFP will enable forest projects to scale by accessing carbon financing, and therefore lead to more carbon sequestered. The world is in dire need of a community and platform like OFP to bring us closer to the net zero CO2 target for 2050.

Who are the Corpsemen?

At this cross section of blockchain and climate change, the Corpsemen will be the crypto-public facing side of the OFP. We will be the ones communicating the project to the crypto audience and galvanizing the community surrounding its token – $OPN – which is scheduled to publicly launch early next year. In short, it is the Corpsemen’s job to make sure that the rest of the crypto world understands that the future of crypto is green and has a key place in the new carbon economy.

In the early days of OFP, before the token launch, the Corpsemen will be the early community of OFP. Our doors will be open to those early adopters looking to learn, research, and discuss all things OFP. As the early community, we will be preparing for the OFP community to come, laying out the blueprint for the ecosystem.

By the time of the token launch, the Corpsemen will be one of the pillars of the newly emerging OFP community. You may understand the “OFP Corpsemen” in the way you understand “Navy Corpsmen”: an elite task force in service to the community. 

What will the Corpsemen Guild do?

The short answer is that the Corpsemen will do whatever boosts the community of OFP and in turn boosts OFP. Think of us as the OFP community accelerator. 

With the official launch of OFP at the end of July, our immediate task is to educate and communicate the crypto world on what it is and why it matters – and this refers to the entire crypto world! We will be researching and writing, creating content, discussing, reaching out and networking… and so on. Another main task will be to build the infrastructure for the future OFP community; for instance, forming the Corpsemen DAO, forums, community initiatives, and so on.  

Once OFP is in full effect, the Corpsemen will be spearheading various community building initiatives (AMAs, community calls, workshops), launching other dedicated community organizations, and serving as the communication channel between the OFP Foundation and the general community.

Call for action

To you, the bold venturers and adventurers and whoever has embarked with cunning sails upon dreadful seas, 

OFP is spearheading climate change solutions on NEAR Protocol, and making the case for a green future on-chain. Hence, our call for action targets crypto natives seeking to join the climate opposition. We are looking for thinkers, creatives, adventurers, and in general, the bold and the curious. 

As the first community of its kind, the Corpsemen look forward to actively recruiting crypto natives from existing communities in a multi-chain alliance, centered around sequestering carbon and building out a new carbon economy. 

This is not simply a matter of participating in something new and exciting. This is your chance to be early, to become founders and future leaders of a community that will be a wave of change in the world. 

Join the new frontier. Become a Corpseman.

He who has ears to hear, let him hear. 

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