The Open Web Sandbox Party!


Dear NEARians and Sandboxers,  

 We are thrilled to announce our first Sandbox Party on  Fri. June 18th @ 5-6pm CET!

As the Guilded Age of NEAR Protocol has officially begun and The Open Web Sandbox is now ready to become a HOME for all of contributors, guild leads, and projects, we can’t wait to celebrate this with all of you.

What can you expect?

To make this party fun but also informative for everyone, we have planned some cool activities to enjoy during the party: 

Learn about the new road Sandbox is taking within the NEAR Ecosystem and how you can start engaging  now!

– Enjoy the unique opportunity to get insights  from the NEAR core team about the projects they’re working on and are most excited about in the Ecosystem

– If you are already building on NEAR, we welcome you to come and pitch the most sexy news about your project. This is a serious opportunity to generate hype about what you’re doing, gain collaborators, and ultimately make connections. SIGN UP ON THE PITCH FORM ASAP because it’s first-come, first-serve and those on this list will be head of the line. Sign up here.

– Bonus NFT giveaway: get your proof of “PARTYcipation” NFT following the party! 

No party without fancy music! Our party DJ staRpauSe will guide us through the event with the best music accompaniment!

 – We invite everyone to gather together and explore different NEAR adventures, find out about new creative opportunities, and simply form new connections.

Come and celebrate the creations of the NEAR Ecosystem, each other, and the Open Web Sandbox – the playground for the NEAR Community!

Jump into Discord to party with us: 

Sincerely yours,

The OWS  Team