How hot was the ‘Hot DAO Summer’?


How hot was the ‘Hot DAO Summer’ party of the Open Web Sandbox?

The end of the month is a well-known period for the OWS to hold a monthly party; yet another reason to gather NEARians together, discuss meaningful topics and educate ourselves in an interactive and playful way. This month’ edition wasn’t an exception to this: last Thursday the OWS organized a party devoted to a fascinating piece of Web 3.0 technology — DAOs.

Undoubtedly, this part of the NEAR ecosystem has been on everyone’s lips lately and there is good reason for that. Since February 2021 NEAR Protocol has its own Sputnik DAO, a Mother to all future DAOs within the NEAR ecosystem, which is much more than just a tool for decentralized governance. As Ilia Polosukhin, one of the NEAR co-founders, describes it: 

“The Resulting protocol, Sputnik DAO, offers a way for new and existing communities and organizations around the world to have on-chain representation of their group, manage their on-chain activity, govern their own decision-making, and (importantly!) interact with other DAOs.” 

The OWS just could not let this topic of foreground importance slide!

The event was kicked off by introducing the vision and mission of the Open Web Sandbox (as per the requests we received from the last edition’s feedback — we hear you!) presented by the OWS co-lead Sofia as a party opener. This was mainly directed at people who attended an event organized by the OWS for the first time — we hope you felt welcomed 🙂

Let’s move to the main course! This time our crew decided to slightly change the format of the event. Instead of the project pitches (if you missed them this time or wanted to pitch your project — those will still be held on another occasion, no worries!), we organized a Roundtable discussion with the DAO experts from the NEAR ecosystem. Among the guest speakers was James Waugh from the NEAR Core team, Torsten Goerke from Alas DAO, Aaron Luhning from Vital Point AI, Jake Wang from JusDAO, Chloe from Creatives DAO and Blaze from Cheddar. Diversity of perspectives and personal experiences has allowed for a deep and meaningful conversation.  Topics such as general DAO governance, Community Funds and tools,  social tokens, Sandcastle DAO, the NEAR Ecosystem Treasury DAO  were touched upon.

As usual, all the party attendees have got their proof of partYcipation – a brand new NFT brought to life by our moderator Sam.

To conclude, this edition of the OWS party was a very special one, not just because of the topic discussed but also because it showcased tons of interest  (intense Q&A part) into the basics of the DAO governance and the need to have this kind of conversations more frequently. Our team is grateful to every speaker and every attendee for their irreplaceable contribution and for making this event possible! We feel the strong encouragement and enthusiasm from the community which only motivates us to work towards new events of this kind.

Have you attended and felt something could be done better? Your opinion is crucial to us, so feel free to share it here. We appreciate and carefully process every input we get from you. In case you could not participate in the ‘Hot DAO Summer’ party, you can find the full recording of the event here.

Keep a close eye on our updates: the next party is planned for the 30th of September on the main theme is “DeFi Debunked – Come learn about the mysteries of decentralized finance”. Stay tuned for more details!

Sincerely yours,

OWS Team

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