Spotlight in the Open Web Sandbox: The Rainbow Bridge Has Launched!


The launch of the Rainbow Bridge is a monumental accomplishment for the NEAR Team, and a first step towards a future of interoperable and cross-chain innovation. But that is only the beginning. With the launch of the Rainbow Bridge – and the impending launch of the NEAR EVM – a host of applications will start to move onto NEAR Protocol. From DeFi, to NFTs, to Social Tokens, to entire Layer 2 solutions, NEAR is a low-cost, user-friendly solution for projects looking to scale and grow. 

The task for the NEAR Community is to take the value proposition of the Rainbow Bridge far and wide – across the crypto-verse – so that everyone wishing to run a blockchain based application without enormous gas fees can do so on NEAR. 

Rainbow Bridge Spotlight: Spread the Word Far and Wide

To mobilize the NEAR Community, a special spotlight has been created in NEAR’s Open Web Sandbox. A 20% bonus is added onto ALL activities relating to Rainbow Bridge materials, content, social media engagements, and designs. 

Now is the time to join the NEAR Ecosystem and promote the Rainbow Bridge. The Ecosystem is young. The opportunities are plentiful. There is a clear need for community members committed to the vision and mission of NEAR Protocol. 

Jump into the Sandbox and start spreading the word about the Rainbow Bridge today to earn 20% more on your NEAR Rewards!