The Sandbox is Launching on March 24! Get Involved in the NEAR Ecosystem Today


The Sandbox is a NEAR digital hub that connects the most important contributors in the NEAR ecosystem with projects and opportunities. The NEAR core team, NEAR guilds, projects building on NEAR, and contributors meet in The Sandbox to collaborate and accomplish tasks relating to ecosystem development.  Different stakeholders post projects according to their specific needs–technical writing, memes, video edits–and offer NEAR rewards as compensation.  The Sandbox is an open, flexible, and lucrative mechanism for accumulating NEAR and making a difference in the development of the Open Web.

Intro to the Sandbox

Crypto enthusiasts, students, or anyone interested in building out the NEAR community can become a contributor: It’s open and only requires a commitment to the ecosystem and a team mindset!  The following is a list of just a few of the projects that might be posted in The Sandbox’s rolling rewards bulletin:

  • Telegram/Discord moderation
  • Development (Tools, dApps, etc.)
  • Creative design
  • Social media
  • Content writing and translation
  • Technical writing
  • Video recording and editing
  • Event planning
  • Tech Support
  • Memes

Navigating the Open Web Sandbox: For Projects and Contributors in the NEAR Ecosystem

The rewards structure ensures that projects on The Sandbox lead to substantive developments of the NEAR ecosystem.  One-time projects, called acts, can be combined into a series, which garner larger rewards.  For instance, you can simply write a blog and collect your NEAR, or you can design the blog layout, make a video about the blog, and post about it on social media in order to complete the series.  Dedicated contributors also reap time bonuses, so you make more NEAR the longer you stay in The Sandbox completing projects. Welcome to the Digital City of the Future. 

To get started, join us on Discord!  New users simply post their profile in the profile channel, and are henceforth free to start completing projects posted on the discord.  At the end of the month, contributors compile a list of their completed projects, and submit them to The Sandbox Council for review and compensation.  For more information visit the Sandbox Discord channel, or check out this handy-dandy sandbox post on the governance forum! 

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