4NTS November Newsletter


Welcome to the 4NTS November Newsletter! November has been a huge month for most crypto projects, and NEAR Protocol is no exception. New projects prepare to launch on the protocol, the NEAR – ETH Rainbow Bridge Marches towards public deployment, and the Open Web Collective is open for its second round of applications! Here’s the latest news from within the NEAR Ecosystem this month: 

An Exceptional NEAR Townhall: 17 Projects In the Pipeline 

Earlier this month the NEAR Team put on a Townhall for the NEAR Community featuring Alex, Illia, Erik, Sasha, and many others (including Demos) going into the latest developments taking place on the protocol. For a general summary of the townhall check out the overview with quotes here. 

Among other topics, Sasha announced that there were 17 projects preparing to launch on NEAR in between November and February of the coming year! For a complete update on the current state of Business Development on NEAR check out this video here. 

Open Web Collective Applications Are Open Until December 11th:

The second round of Open Web Collective applications is Open for another 15 projects! Applications remain open until December 11th. For more information on the Open Web Collective, stick around for a December 3rd, NEAR Without the Noise Episode at 4pm CET with OWC Manager Mildred Adada! Applications can be made Here.

CreateBase Guild Is Live! The NEAR NFT Hub Continues to Grow 

As one of the fastest growing Guilds on NEAR, CreateBase has carved out a niche as a home for NFT’s. From Mintbase to Plantary, Non-Fungible Tokens have started to take off on NEAR thanks to low transaction fees and user-friendly account models! If you are interested in building NFT solutions on NEAR and are looking for discussion partners and funding opportunities, check out the CreateBase Guild Telegram Channel for the latest news and updates! 

NEAR Without the Noise Episode 2: The NEAR – ETH Bridge

In one of the most comprehensive discussions to date on the NEAR – ETH Bridge, Dr. Alex Schevchenko joined 4NTS Guild for a one hour live exclusive on the NEAR – ETH Bridge, the nature of decentralization, how NEAR approaches competitors, and the future for NEAR Protocol. A full recap of the episode can be found here. Don’t want to bother with a full video, but got 60 seconds to spare? Go directly to what you’re looking for here

The NEAR Sandbox is Live! 

A community run initiative for contributors, and potential Guild leads of the future has soft-launched known as the Sandbox! As a place for ecosystem participants to collaborate and engage with different projects on the protocol the Sandbox is poised to become a hub for community members looking to make the most out of the NEAR Ecosystem: Network, Design, Build, Form a Guild – the options are open for you. Join the Discord here

Don’t Miss the BerryClub as it Takes Off! 

Berryclub.io has been a fun project brewing on NEAR for a long time created to illustrate NEAR’s capacity to handle transactions. With recent additions, community members can harvest Bananas that can be turned into cucumbers to yield NEAR. Design away and embrace Crypto! 

Mintbase Raises 1 million USD to Bring NFTs to NEAR

Caroline Wend and Nate Geier were grinding hard to create the best minter and NFT marketplace out there, and they managed to do so! After raising 1 million USD in the funding round led by Sino Global, team will be moving to Lisbon to continue bringing NFTs to NEAR Protocol. 4NTS wish them success, as Mintbase is an inspiring story!

One General Thought: 

The current crypto market cycle is turning bullish. However, most analysts have noted that retail traders are still on the sidelines, alongside financial institutions. When – in the coming six to twelve months – can they be expected to join the party? 

What We Are Reading and Watching: 

Some Questions We Are Asking: 

  • How will the impending wave of NFT projects compare to the existing wave of DeFi projects? What will be different and what will be similar? 
  • What cities are emerging as ‘Crypto’ hubs around the world, as we enter the next bull market cycle? 
  • Is the value of blockchain-based gaming underestimated? What segment of Web3 will gaming carve out for itself in the coming years? 
  • How do you get new people involved in crypto communities, when the learning curve is so high? 

4NTS November Highlight – Flux Protocol AMA

Some of you might know Flux as the project that is building in silence – and this is true. This prediction markets protocol built on NEAR is indeed one of the most quiet ones in NEAR ecosystem. But do not confuse this silence with the lack of meaningful updates, they actually have a lot of stuff going on for them. As evident by Peter Mitchell, Flux Protocol CEO just casually popping in Flux Protocol official chat and dropping a few bombs regarding Flux current developments.

  • Flux Protocol has 5 million USD already committed for liquidity provision from its partners and investors
  • Flux Protocol started testing the prediction markets feature with real money on November 13th
  • Project completed a Quantstamp security review
  • Peter said that lack of community updates nowadays is done on purpose – as soon as Flux goes live, everything that the team was working on will be unveiled
  • Flux is actively hiring new people to work on their product
  • Protocol already has layer 2 apps building on top of it, and they intend to take over the esports betting market – stake.gg and ARterra

Overall, it was pure hype! And what made it even more exciting was the nonchalant nature of it. So if you don’t want to miss Peter giving another impromptu AMA in the channel, join their official Telegram group

For the full overview read our AMA recap