Introducing the Sandbox on NEAR


The Sandbox is launching as an open and permissionless Guild for anyone and everyone interested in contributing to the development of the NEAR Ecosystem in the broadest sense of the word! It is a place for solo contributors, teams, and prospective Guild leaders of the future. The Sandbox is an ecosystem hub for rolling bounties, community rewards, and ecosystem updates! Here is everything you need to know about the Sandbox: 

What is the Sandbox in a nutshell?

Specifically, the Sandbox is a place—with its own discord channel—for contributors, prospective Guild leaders, and veteran members of the NEAR community to collaborate with one another in helping develop and promote the NEAR Ecosystem. 

What Kind of Activities Can I Expect to Engage In? 

In the Sandbox there are are number of different activities you can expect to engage in: 

Rolling Opportunities from the NEAR community: Where a list of deliverables and areas of development are outlined with relevant rewards designated. 

Solo Ops from a Guild interested in getting help for a specific task or project. 

Projects or tasks from businesses and projects building in the NEAR Ecosystem or from the Open-Web collective, looking for specific skills, translations, designs, or content. 

To meet other contributors to launch your own projects or Guild. 

To build up a reputation in the NEAR community as a leader in a specific area. 

Why Would I Want To Join the Sandbox? 

The Sandbox is open to everyone! It’s a place where anyone can join with no previous knowledge about NEAR. On top of that, it’s also a place where individuals can contribute to different projects and opportunities in the NEAR ecosystem, while prospective Guild founders can incubate their guild plan and recruit future Guild members Joining the Sandbox is the best way to get involved in the community development of the different aspects of the NEAR Ecosystem! Above all, you’ll be part of a friendly, welcoming and open community.

How Can I Get Started? 

Joining the Sandbox is pretty simple. Head over to the Sandbox Discord, join a channel that you are interested in contributing in, start sharing your ideas with other members, and start building from the list of available and rolling opportunities!  

Why Now is the Time To Join the Sandbox: 

The NEAR Ecosystem is young. In crypto, young projects mean opportunity and plenty of room to grow. This is especially the case with NEAR. With the NEAR – ETH Rainbow Bridge and the Open Web Collective supporting future project development on NEAR, now is the best time to learn about the Ecosystem and the many projects that are preparing to launch on top of it! Whether you are looking to hone your skills as a contributor, or launch your own Guild down the road, the Sandbox is the place to be right now! 

👉 Join the Discord here: