4NTS October Newsletter


Foreword by 4NTS Team: Welcome to the first 4NTS newsletter, where we cut through the noise, uncover the hidden gems and provide cross-industry insight. This is the best newsletter you’ll find on the NEAR ecosystem. Plain and simple.

The most exciting things that happened in October within the NEAR Ecosystem:

The NEAR ←→ ETH Bridge Hackathon Is Over: What Comes Next? 400 participants and 80 projects were submitted on the most important ongoing blockchain infrastructure development. 

Phase II is here! Voting has advanced NEAR Protocol into Phase II. Check out the most recent NEAR blog post for more details!

Get Ready to Build In The Sandbox: Contributors, Prospective Guild Leaders, and anyone interested in following the rapid-development of the NEAR Ecosystem are invited to start building in the NEAR Sandbox – exclusive ecosystem rewards, long-term growth opportunities, and networking with the fastest growing community in Crypto. 

Balancer Partners with NEAR: Balancer, a protocol for programmable liquidity, or Automated Market Maker, if we are talking in fancy DeFi terms, is building a bridge on NEAR. Even though Balancer is focusing mainly on Ethereum, they are very curious what can be done with AMMs using NEAR latency. Something’s brewing. 

NEAR has ~20% APY at the moment: Staking was enabled in October, so you have a chance to stake your tokens and get some nice returns on your NEAR. Oh, and you can do that in the native wallet.

One General Thought: Mintbase a Sign of Things To Come?

The NFT Revolution is only getting started, and Mintbase has moved to NEAR for affordability and usability purposes. Meanwhile,  Pantera Capital CEO predicted a $400 billion dollar DeFi market in the coming years. High gas fees on Ethereum, coupled with NEAR’s Usability proposition: a sign of things to come for NEAR protocol? .

4NTS Exclusive: An Interview with Ethan Chiasson, WeatherDEX and Stake.gg sole developer

Ethan is a mastermind behind WeatherDEX, a weather derivatives platform, and stake.gg, an esports betting app, that are based on Flux Protocol. We talked to him about his projects, Open Web and what are his plans for the future.
👉Check out the full interview

4NTS have successfully launched a new initiative – talks with brilliant people in the crypto industry. This time we talked to Peter and Jasper, two masterminds behind Flux Protocol, a prediction market platform that is being built on NEAR. We talked to them about their project, why they chose NEAR and whether they are looking forward to betting on the prediction markets themselves. Check it out as well!
👉 NEAR without the Noise Episode 1: The Future of Open Markets

What We’re Reading And Watching: 

Some of the Questions We Are Asking: 

  • Are we at a deficit of Blockchain Entrepreneurs in light of all of the open-source protocols being built, and solutions being proposed? 
  • What does Square and MicroStrategies tell us about the future of enterprise investment in Bitcoin? 
  • How can we introduce the parallel universe of cryptocurrencies to normies, beyond the financial incentives? 
  • In the first industrial revolution, “social savings” due to steam engine improvements remained stagnant at 0.3% per year between 1830 and 1850. It took more than 20 years for widespread adoption to occur across the most important commercial facets of society. Is blockchain a 21st century parallel?