The Flux Ecosystem: Core Components and Protocol Architecture


Flux Protocol is the first open-source protocol to launch in the NEAR Ecosystem. Its promise? Cheap, Efficient, and Scalable open-markets with a number of unique features for users, developers, and liquidity providers. In its current stage of development, Flux is on the brink of transitioning to Phase 2.0 of its launch. The Flux token will launch, including with governance contracts, while dispute thresholds are increased from one to five rounds. Phase 3.0  looms large on the horizon, with rapid development from the Flux team and a community vote, that’s soon to be introduced.

What Tools and Components Make Up The Flux Ecosystem? 

As Flux prepares to launch, it’s important to note a couple of interesting characteristics about how Flux has been designed – for all of the different stakeholders involved!

Flux is a Protocol: First things first, Flux is an open-source protocol. What that means, is that much like NEAR protocol, Flux is building an Ecosystem of active and engaged stakeholders: Liquidity Providers, Validators, Users, and Developers who will govern Flux in a decentralized and permissionless manner. 

Flux Protocol Is Equipped With A Number of Useful Tools: As an open-source protocol, the Flux team has built a number of very useful tools into the protocol for anyone to make use of!

The Flux Open-Source Application: For trading open-markets on Flux. 

The Flux Software Developer Kit: For developers to quickly and easily create new markets, tools, and notifiers on Flux.

The Flux Oracle: For pulling data from other areas of the internet, to resolve markets in a permissionless and valid manner. 

The Flux Automated Market Mirror: To seamlessly clone odds on any other betting or market platform into a Flux Market. 

Open Order Books and Automatic Market Makers: Easily track predictions across markets, or partake in providing liquidity with unique incentives!

How Do All of These Tools Fit Together? Flux Protocol is a Layer 2 protocol solution built on the NEAR Blockchain. In context, the Flux Solutions stack is multi-layered: Not only is Flux built on a dynamically sharded blockchain Ecosystem, but it also operates as a foundation for startups and developers to offer their own open-market solutions! 

Who Uses Flux? 


Getting Involved: Here’s What You Can Do On Flux 

🚀 100 – 80,000 Transactions per Second: Built on the NEAR Blockchain

👨‍💻 Apps in 3 Lines of Code: For creating, managing, disputing, and closing open-markets! 

💸 Liquidity Provider Opportunities: 250M $FLUX in total, to be airdropped to liquidity providers through the Flux AMM.

⚙️ Flux Beta Program for Devs and Founders: $50k FLUX to projects launching with us on MainNet. 

🎉 Flux Social Incentive Program for Committed Community Members and NEAR Guilds.

🧙‍♂️ Unique Facets of Flux? 

Public Permissionless Open Markets: Create a Market on Anything, with no limits and no gatekeepers.

No Loss Market Dynamics: Use open-interest as collateral to predict outcomes in markets with no loss on the underlying stake! 

Fast Setup, Scale-Up and Resolution Dynamics: Build your market in three lines of code, define the timeframe, and expect resolutions to be finalized in between 30 minutes and 24 hours. 

Less than 0.01 Cent Fees! Trading on Flux means miniscule fees, and fast transaction times – plain and simple.   

To get started on Flux, don’t hesitate to get in touch on Telegram, or sign up for the Social Incentive, Beta, or Liquidity provider incentive Programs! Open-Markets are only just getting started – There has never been a better time to get started.